The following described territory, and the people within the same, namely: so much of the town of Kittery in the County of York, beginning:  At a point on Chauncey’s creek directly south to the base of Tenney’s hill, so called, and extending northerly to the tracks of the York Harbor and Beach Railroad; thence westerly by said railroad tracks to the west bank of Spruce Creek; thence northerly by said Spruce creek to the Post road; thence westerly by the Post road to James’ corner; thence north-westerly by the Spinney road to Spinney’s creek; thence southerly and easterly by Spinney’s creek, the Piscataqua river, Pepperell cove and Chauncey’s creek to the point of beginning, shall constitute a body politic and corporate under the name of the Kittery Water District, for the purpose of supplying the inhabitants of said District, and likewise of the remaining portion of said town of Kittery, with pure water for domestic and municipal purposes.

Those living within said bounds and of legal age, were constituted legal voters in said district


Walker St. K Wallingsford Sq. K Water St. K Wentworth St. K Whipple Rd. K Williams Ave. K Wilner St. K Wilner St.  K Woodlawn Ave. K Wyman Ave.   K

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Adams Drive K
Adams Lane K
Badgers Island West K
Barters Creek Rd. KP
Bayview Lane K
Bellamy Ln. K
Bicknell St. K
Bond Rd. KP
Boush St. K
Bowen Rd. KP
Bridge St. K
Bridge View Terr. K
Busdick Dr. K
Central Ave K
Chickadee lane K
Church St. K
Coastal Woods Circle K
Cole St. K
Coleman Ave. K
Commercial St. K
Cook St. K
Cottage Way K
Cottle LN. K
Cove landing K
Cromwell St. K
Cross St. K
Dame St. K
Debra Ln. K
Dennett Rd. * K HOUSE# 1,4,5,7,9,11,13,15,17
Dion Ave. K
Dismukes St. K
Duncan Way K
Dunlea Ave. K
E St. K
Eliot rd. K
Follett Ln KP
Ford Ln. K
Foyes Ln K
Friend St. K
George St. K
Gerrish Ct. K
Goodrich St. K
Goodsoe rd. K
Government St. K
Grant Ct. K
Gray Lodge Rd. K
Gull Ave. K
Haley Rd  * KP House # 555-633
Halstead St. K
Harris Ave. K
HillCrest Ave. K
Howard st. K
Hoyts Island KP
Hunter Ave K
Irwin St. K
Island Ave. K
Jean St. K
Johnson Ct. K
Jones Ave. K
Juniper Point K
Keen Ave. KP
Keene Circle K
Keene Terr. K
Kempf St. K
Knight Ave. K
Langton St. K
Laurel Ave. K
Lawrence Ln. KP
Lemont Ave K
Lewis Ave. K
Love Lane. K
Lutts Ave. K
Lyndon Way. K
Macdougal St. K
Main St. K
Manson Ave. K
Maple Ave. K
Mead St. K
Mendum Ave. K
Midway Way Pvt. K
Mill Pond Rd. K
Mitchell School Ln. KP
Moore St. K
Moores Ct. K
Moores Island Ln. K
Newmarch St. K
Newson Ave. K
Oak Terrance K
Old Armory Way K
Old Ferry lane K
Old Post Road K
Otis Ave K
Ox Point Dr. K
Page St. K
Palmer Ave. K
Park Ave. K
Paul St. K
Pepperrell Rd. K P
Phelps St. K
Philbrick Ave. K
Philbrick Ln. K
Philbrick Rd. K
Pine St. K
Pinkham Ave.
Pleasant St. K
Pricilla Terr K
Prince Ave. K
Red Mill Lane K
Rice Ave K
Ripley Rd. K
Rogers Ln. K
Rogers Rd. K
Rose Ln. K
Rudolph Ave. K
Sandpiper Lane. K
School St. K
Shapleigh Rd. K
Sheppards Cover Rd. K
Sparhawk Lane KP
Spiney Cover Rd K
State Rd. K
Sterling Rd. K
Stimson St. K
Tara Lane. K
Tilton Ave. K
Traip Ave. K
Trefethen Ave. K
Tudor Dr. KP
Village Green DR. K
Wainwright Ave. K
Walker Ave. K
Walker Ln K